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Massimo Casagrande Artista


Artist and independent curator, he has been active in the artistic and cultural scene since 1995. He has exhibited in over one hundred collective and personal exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania and the United States. He lives between Italy and Spain. In the panorama of informal Venetian art, it is considered by international critics as one of the most original and stylistically convincing personalities. In addition to the "Informal" works, for some years the artist has followed a conceptual counterpoint, collected and meditated, ranging from painting to site-specific installations, from video performances to theatrical performances.

He is currently president of the Cultural  Association Vernice Contemporanea and artistic director of Trinit [àrt]-Consorzio Santa Trinità- Prato, Bunker of Villa Caldogno-Vicenza and Lavanderia Fusina (Servizi per l'arte contemporanea) Milan.


Photo credits Luca Casagrande
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